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February 2023

Immigrant Tale 

For ZYZZYVA, a conversation with Kathryn Ma, author of the novel The Chinese Groove.  

October 2022

Literary Journeys 

I wrote the introduction to Literary Journeys, a compendium of dozens of treasured books from around the world. Published by Britain's Elwin Street Productions, the book has also been translated into Spanish and German. 

August 15, 2021

Life and Lim

For the cover of The New York Times Book Review, a review of Damnation Spring, Ash Davidson’s debut novel about a logging community in Northern California.


June 2021


For McSweeney’s, an interview with John Brandon, author of the novel Ivory Shoals, set in post-Civil War Florida.


May 2021

Thinking About Place When Thinking About Tech

A conversation in ZYZZYVA with Xiaowei Wang, author of Blockchain Chicken Farm: And Other Stories of Tech in China's Countryside.


January 2021

’Lest We Forget the Horrors’

For McSweeney’s, a catalog of Donald Trump’s misdeeds.    


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